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Trucking Dispatch Screen  

The Strategy Live truck dispatch screen is easy to read and use. Each truck in your fleet is present with the Trailer, Driver, Last Known Location and Load Information.

Load Board  

All available loads are shown on the load board. The Customer, PO Number, Pickup and Deliver information is clearly viewable.

Load Information Screen  

Strategy Live makes load entry and editing a breeze. Each load has several tabs designed to let you enter all the information you need. The main load tab contains dispatch information for the load.

Load Information Screen Pay Tab  

Click on the Pay tab to view, add and edit driver payments and adjustments.

Billing Screen  

The billing screen shows all delivered loads that have not yet been billed. When you receive the paperwork from your driver, a link to load editing lets you get the load ready for invoicing. Invoices can then be printed and exported to QuickBooks.

Settlement Screen  

From the Settlement screen you can print settlement reports and mark items to pay for exporting to QuickBooks.

Fuel Tax Management  

Strategy Live allows easy input of the fuel purchase records. You can also import your fuel and cash advances from Comdata. Once loads are completed you can let the system calculate state miles or you can manually enter them. At the end of the reporting period Strategy live calculates your fuel tax reports.

Fuel Purchase and Advance Importing  

Import Fuel and Advances from Comdata into your Strategy Live system. You will no longer need to manually enter fuel purchases and cash advances.

Load Preparation  

Once fuel is imported you may accept the Strategy Live routing and state miles, or you may enter state miles manually from the drive trip envelope.

Fuel Tax Reports  

Once all loads are prepared Strategy Live will compute your fuel tax liability for each jurisdiction. The Fuel Tax Compensation By State report is used in filling out your IFTA report.